"No drooling around, but psychology and focus!"



"A dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for politics, communication and the combination."

The last 8 years, I have been specializing in the combination of psychology and social media. I have gathered all this knowledge from education and conversations abroad. So have I had the privilege of having conversations with the marketing team of President Donald Trump and Barack Obama. 

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Tips from abroad

"I gave more than 150 workshops and lectures in 2018!"


"I have given several different keynotes about social media and persuading online to political parties and their departments, but also to companies and non-profit organizations."

Marketing and the elections

Annelies Maes

Projectmanager Enterprise Voka

The contribution, from Reinout, was well underpinned, nevertheless with a good balance between theory and practice. The preliminary analysis, which was contribute to our own project, made the workshop extremely comprehensible and valuable. This was more than just an explanation on how the social media channels function. The focus was on the the content but with clear and useable tips.   

Dirk Van Overwalle 

on behalf of VZW STUDIO

60 minutes to entertain, to fascinate and to give handy tips and tricks to 60 people. There is only one man who can do that with persuasion and that's Reinout Van Zandycke. He made our entire organization VZW STUDIO, on our new years event in Blankenberge, very quiet. 

Reinout, everyone was praising your professionalism. Therefore, there will be a continuation of your services with another workshop. 60 times, thank you!

Korneel Warlop

Corporate Communication Manager Callebaut

“Reinout has the rare talent to tell a relevant and balanced story about the psychology of persuasion. The tips, that reinout shares, are constantly surprising for me personally as for my professional environment. He pioneers in the area of the communication psychology. For those who want to open up their mind, I strongly suggest a keynote form Reinout.  

You will not regret it!”


Reinout Van Zandycke



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